Thermal Plate

A very popular product from the Insula range of insulated construction connections is the TB-P25-250x1000. This thermal break plate is a high performance, high strength thermally insulated plate used in many modern day building applications were a thermal break is required between building elements.

Adopting technology developed for ballistic protection for military applications an extremely tough composite material laminated with Kevlar lattice fibres gives this material extremely high compression and shock load capabilities but very low conduction properties and will not degrade in use by UV chemical or build salts.

Used mostly to form a thermal barrier between horizontal steel eye beams supporting precast concrete floor planks, but is also used in vertical applications forming a thermal barrier between Steel or Concrete columns and the outer envelope of the building, 

Available in standard 1m lengths x 100mm or 150mm wide in 10mm 15mm and 25mm thick and also machined to customers profiles with holes or slots to suit.

It is used extensively in construction applications to isolate metal members from each other and other substrates.  

Note: If metal through fixing are used to secure the thermal plate it will not perform as a thermal break due to the cold bridging through the fixings.

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