ThermConX Thermal Break Connections

Thermal Break Connection Range

ThermConX thermal break connections allow the architect to securely attach external items back to the framework of the building structure contained within the insulative envelope of the building.

This is done without creating a cold bridge and in complete compliance with the new part L and N.B.S. building regulations regarding thermal bridging.

ThermConX thermal break connections can be used wherever thermal bridging must be avoided in buildings and are available in a range of shapes, sizes and loading capacities to suit all applications and design detail.

Common ThermConX applications include: Balcony, Canopy & Brise Soleil Systems, External Walkways, External Stairs, Signage, Access Ladders, Balustrading, Swimming Pool Enclosure, etc

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The following link highlights the importance of ensuring that thermal break connections are used whenever there is risk of thermal bridging.
Building Regulations Technical Guidance Document Dwellings 2007 - Conservation of Fuel and Energy