Thermal Break Accreditation

Thermal Break Accreditation



ThermConX was the first thermal break connection to have been awarded full L.A.B.C. National Type Approval.

L.A.B.C. National Type Approval is only awarded once absolute proof that the product is able to achieve all that it claims to can be verified beyond all doubt.

ThermConX thermal break connections are unique because they are not dependent on continuous metal to metal contact through the connection in order to provide the load bearing capacity necessary of supporting heavy loads.

With a U-value of 1.754 W/m2k and a thermal conductivity of 0.2 W/mk, no other thermal break connection can come close to matching the ThermConX ability to stop the conduction of heat through the connection.
Quality Management


All of the products that we supply are manufactured on site.

Because of this we take rigorous steps to ensure that all of the items we produce meet the same high standards. These steps include:

1. Stamping all ThermConX connections with a unique serial number to allow us to keep track of every connection that we supply.

2. In house electrical testing of every ThermConX  connection to ensure absolutely no conduction through the  connection.

3. Receiving full documentation with every new batch of  castings that we receive to ensure quality.

4. Carrying out mechanical testing on every new batch of  connections before they are shipped to ensure that they  meet the required loadings.