Thermal Break & Bolt on Balcony Systems

Structural Thermal Breaks

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Thermal Break & Bolt on Balcony Systems

Insula are architectural engineers specialising in the design and manufacture of ThermConX thermal break connections and ThermConX modulised bolt on balcony systems.

ThermConX are the only thermal break connections able to completely stop heat loss whilst still retaining the full structural integrity of the connection, while our range of bolt on balcony systems are modulised units designed and built off site which completely eliminate the problem of thermal bridging.

We pride ourselves on undertaking resonsibility for the entire architectural metalwork package of a project. From the initial design stage, we work closely with our customers to ensure tight project control, and that all objectives are achieved to customers' satisfaction and beyond.

We have a library of countless in depth design details, all tried and tested to ensure that they work just as well in practice as they do in theory.